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    The Great Barn

    The timber framed Great Barn is available as extra entertaining, business or activity space when you rent the residential accommodation. It has cathedral sized grandeur with a flexible space layout to suit your requirements, whether a banqueting table, leaving room for music and dancing or clear for yoga or business activities. It offers you the option of all eating together for group staying across all the houses, or a place to hold your meetings should you prefer to cater in the Farmhouse kitchen which seats up to 28. 

    The Kitchen

    The fully fitted kitchen is the ideal set up for laying out a buffet meal or for chefs to plate up and serve from. With 2 dishwashers, a large range and wine cooler plus elegant hand made to order Moroccan croquery. Outside caterers will need to bring their own cooking facilities for larger groups. The long bar is made from locally sourced timber and perfect as a self-serve drinks area.



    Cosy chats by the fire

    A vast suspended open fire makes a dramatic focal point and the modular comfy seating for 20 should be left in place for more intimate events, business retreats, family holidays or yoga or sporting retreats. The furniture layout is flexible should you need to move it to suit the room layout (subject to pre-booking request). 

    Useful spaces

    The entrance hall is carefully designed for your guests to hang their own coats on the numerous hooks, before gasping in awe as they walk up into the majestic barn. (Disabled access is via the rear door). 


    Facilities for everyone

    Even the WCs, or former pigsties, incorporate quirky design details and incredible attention to detail. Fully fitted with an ambulant toilet, everyone will be able to attend your event in comfort. 

    Sunrise terrace

    The Sunrise terrace offers the perfect spot for a breakfast or brunch. With incredible views and steps up to the front cart door, it is a popular spot for a group photo opportunity. The option for a firepit and outdoor seating makes this a great area for cooling off after some energetic yoga, dancing or a large meal.

    Sunset terrace

    The Sunset terrace, with the backdrop of the Skirrid Mountain and the wildflower meadows, is a beautiful area for afternoon tea or early evening drinks. With our friendly dragon tree sculptures looking down, children can play on the double swing as residents and their guests enjoy a champagne reception with plenty of room for a string quartet, hog roast or street food catering van.

    What makes the Great Barn special?

    Free WiFi

    Free WiFi throughout the property.

    Chairs, tables, sofas

    Banqueting tables and chairs provided to  seat 50 plus. Also a large cosy seating area with sofas for 18.

    Catering kitchen

    Kitchen with range, wine fridge and two dishwashers, plus croquery, cuttlery, serving dishes and glasses.

    Suspended log fire and underfloor heating

    With ground source underfloor heating, the vast room is cosy year round. The wood fire adds atmosphere and extra heat.

    Stunning views, terraces & gardens

    With terraces to the front and rear, the views over the valley or up to the mountain are equally special.

    Cloakroom with 2 WCs

    Spacious facilities, with a sofa for chats, and  2 WCs.

    The Great Barn Availability Calendar

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