Things To Do: Holistic & Creative Experiences

We collaborate with talented specialists for our experiences which should be pre-booked with notice. These include:

Foraging Walks. Wander through the glorious fields, mountainside, and woods at Wern-y-Cwm Farm with our expert guide. You will experience an informative, fun, and memorable time hunting the hedgerows, nibbling tasty herbs and plants as you go. Time will fly as you wander eyes peeled on the ground searching out the edible delicacies.

How to book:   We can arrange 2-hour or half day foraging walks, looking for edible, medical and 'stay well away from' plants, fungi and roots across the farm. Price based on number of guests and time booked.

Swimming, Cold Water Dips & Sauna. The Natural Swimming Pool will encourage year round swimming. Immerse yourself in nature as you swim with wildlife, enjoying our unspoilt landscape. The pool filters by pumping the water through aquaponic plants to keep it safe, clean, and fresh without the need for harmful chlorine or bromide. The swimming area is large but not deep and will warm up in warmer weather to a balmy 20c. In winter the temperature may drop to as low as 4c so taking advice and being fully prepared for a cold water sock is advisable. The benefits of cold-water swimming are numerous but there is little doubt that it will leave you feeling rejuvenated, elated, and fresh for the rest of the day.

Sauna’s have been used for thousands of years to ease pain, reduce stress and generally improve wellbeing. They have long been ubiquitous in Scandinavia, and are quickly becoming so in the UK, especially when used in conjunction with cold-water swimming.

How to book: We recommend booking an experienced wild swimming coach to prepare you for your cold-water dip, advising on the best way to embrace this popular sport. Price depends on numbers taking part. Please pre-book the times of day you would like to book the sauna for your group, and on which days so that it may be reserved for you, at a fee.

Treatments & Therapies. Unwind from the stress of everyday life, and enjoy a range of hollistic therapies to physically and mentally relax, detox and eliviate your sense of wellbeing. Our therapists offer a wide variety of treatments, including:

  • Deep tissue massage, full body (55m)
  • Deep tissue massage, half body (25m)
  • Hot stones massage, full body (55m)
  • Hot stones massage, half body (25m)

How to book: Minimum of four 55m or six 25m sessions are needed to confirm a therapist. Please let us know the therapy you are looking for, number of guests and the date.

Yoga: Yang Yoga or Mindful Flow. This is a practice that is strengthening, warming, building heat and energy, in a series of flowing, mindful movements. Yang poses tend to be more standing shapes, working muscles, that can be energising, enlivening and empowering. The fierce qualities of Yang Yoga are balanced beautifully with the soft strength of Yin, which is cooling, calming and grounding. Like brothers and sisters, Yin and Yang dance in dynamic movement and stillness.

 Insight Yoga. The cultivation of balance between Yin and Yang, the marriage of Yoga, Buddhism, Taoism and Transpersonal Psychology, with the intention to enliven the body, heart and mind, becomes a life long practice and path of Awakening, an orientation towards self-investigation, self-acceptance and compassion; all of these teachings helping us to open to our authentic nature with love, care and support.

How to book: Please confirm the number of guests attending the class, times and dates and we will look at the options and price.

Pilates. Pilates has gained a worldwide reputaion as an all round workout, heping to develop a stable core, good posture and toning your body. The benefits are many including helping to releive back and muscle pain and can be tailored to all levels of fitness. The sessions offers our guests a way to move that feels good and nourishing to their individual body, leaving the class feeling strong, confident and balanced.

How to book: Please confirm the number of guests attending the class, times and dates and we will look at the options and price.

Gong Bath/Sound Healing. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at difference frequencies and every aspect of nature pulses in an endless interplay of delicate and complex vibrations – human beings are part of these pattern. Whether there is illness or constant stress there will be disharmony in your own natural vibrations. Using sound can help restore natural frequencies within the body, supporting your own innate healing ability to bring you back into balance. Suitable for all and an experience not to be missed

How to book:  Please confirm the number of guests attending the class, times and dates and we will look at the options and price.

Zen Doodling. Using the Zentangle technique, our teacher will guide you through the starting principles of creating a calm environment, reducing stress levels and preparing for heavy concentration on the task. You will learn how to make stunning intricate meditative patterns, forming intricate multi-layered designs. During this class you will learn how to deliver a pleasing creative patterns which you may continue to enjoy practicing again and again. The lesson price includes all the tools you need to get started, including paper, pen, pencil, tortillions and instructions in a little cloth bag.

How to book: Please confirm the numbers and which dates for us to check availability and price.