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Spring Summer Menu

Roasted Red Pepper, Courgette & Feta Quiche (V)

This rich puff pastry quiche with a creamy, tasty filling is delicious with salads for a light lunch or buffet supper. Can be eaten cold with potato and mixed leaf salads or on a slightly cooler day try it warm with herby new potatoes and green beans or broccoli.

Serving suggestion: New potatoes (either as a salad or warm), fresh garden herbs & salads

Meal for 6-8: £33

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Ingredients & Allergens

Red pepper, courgette, feta (dairy), tomato, egg, cream (dairy), onion, butter (dairy), flour (gluten), salt, pepper, chives

Serving suggestion: New potatoes, leaf salad.

Guide to abbreviations

GF = We have numerous recipes which are made without Gluten, but due to FSA rules we can not list them as Gluten Free, please check the ingredients

VG = Vegan

V = Vegetarian

Please note:  Please check the allergens listed on each product before ordering and let us know of any intolerances. We recommend you do not order if you have a serious food allergy, since all food is cooked in a kitchen where allergens are used. 

Your order will be left in your Wern-y-Cwm holiday home kitchen ready for your arrival, either in the fridge, freezer or on the kitchen work surface. 

Serving suggestions are not included with your order. The 'meal' will be supplied in a covered dish with warming instructions, where relevant. Our serving suggestions are to help with your shopping list and the styling of your order. The serving dishes are re-used and not included in the purchase. 

Bon Appetit!