Shepherds' Famous Local Ice cream

This local ice cream was first made in 1987, using sheep milk produced from the Herefordshire/Wales border.  Sheep’s milk is exceptionally high in solids which means, uniquely, that the ice cream is made using just the full fat milk. The result is truely smooth, creamy dairy ice cream, but with half the fat. Delicious and (almost) good for you!

Toffee and Honeycomb
Mint Chocolate Chip
Mango and Passionfruit Sorbet (vg).

£6.50 (550ml Tub)

How to Order:  Please email the bookings manager with your food order 4 weeks before arrival. Please also inform us of any food allergies

Ingredients & Allergens

Vanilla: Sheeps Milk (DAIRY), demerara sugar, glucose, dextrose, skimmed goats milk powder (DAIRY),  vanilla essence, ground vanilla pod (1.5%), emulsifiers: E471, E412, E407 (all of veg origin) 
Mango and Passionfruit sorbet: spring water, mango pulp, passion fruit, sugar, glucose, dextrose, lemon juice, stabilisers, E412, E415, all of veg origin
Toffee and Honeycomb: sheeps milk (DAIRY), demerara sugar, skimmed cows milk powder (DAIRY), glucose, muscovado sugar, black treacle, toffee crunch (2%), glucose syrup, sodium bicarbonate, milk protein (DAIRY), salt, emulsifiers: E471, E410, E412, E407 (all of veg origin) 
Mint choc chip: Sheeps Milk (DAIRY), demerara sugar, glucose, dextrose, skimmed goats milk powder (DAIRY), glucose, mint extract, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, nat. vanilla, nat. green E141, E100, emulsifiers: E471, E410, E412, E407 (all of veg origin) 
Chocolate: Sheeps Milk (DAIRY), granulated sugar, cocoa powder, dextrose, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, nat flavouring, nat. vanilla,  emulsifiers: E471, E410, E412, E407 (all of veg origin) 

Guide to abbreviations

GF = We have numerous recipes which are made without Gluten, but due to FSA rules we can not list them as Gluten Free, please check the ingredients

VG = Vegan

V = Vegetarian

Please note:  Please check the allergens listed on each product before ordering and let us know of any intolerances. We recommend you do not order if you have a serious food allergy, since all food is cooked in a kitchen where allergens are used. 

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Serving suggestions are not included with your order. The 'meal' will be supplied in a covered dish with warming instructions, where relevant. Our serving suggestions are to help with your shopping list and the styling of your order. The serving dishes are re-used and not included in the purchase. 

Bon Appetit!