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    Thinking of organising a Yoga Retreat at Wern-y-Cwm?

    You are welcome to arrange your self-managed retreat at Wern-y-Cwm and we will be happy to help advise you on the best way forwards. However, if you would like a tailored service we have partnered with the incredible team at Huzur Vadisi . With 30 years of experience in planning and running retreats, they have the knowledge to provide the right ambience, catering, bring the equipment, yoga shala, therapies and manage your travel as required. With their service you are free to concentrate on the teaching. 

    Our job at Wonderful Escapes is to make sure the properties, gardens and grounds are looking their best and offer you eclectic and comfortable accommodation with plenty of options for yoga session in the grounds, on the mountain or in the Great Barn.  For more information please contact us and we can chat through a self-managed stay, or talk to Lucy direct at [email protected] for a fully organised retreat.

    Individuals wishing to join a Yoga Retreat at Wern-y-Cwm?

    If you are looking for a peaceful yoga retreat set in a stunning location with far reaching views and beautiful gardens and grounds to help you re-connect with nature, then Wern-y-Cwm Farm is the place. Working with some incredible Yoga Teachers and run by Huzur Vadisi Yoga Retreats you will find a supporting and encouraging retreat with like-minded students to connect and make friends with.

    Our job at Wonderful Escapes is to offer accommodation in eclectically decorated rooms, many of which are ensuite. We encourage our guests to visit the farmland and gardens to immerse themselves in this beautiful part of the world and at the end of their stay leaving feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the world again. 

    You may book directly with Lucy and Rowan at Huzur Vadisi who will be able to point you in the direction of which of the retreats held at Wern-y-Cwm would be best suited for you.