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Wern-Y-Cwm and The Great Barn offer an incredible space for your stay on site, self-managed celebration holiday. We are not a wedding venue, but what could be nicer than renting the farm and enjoying time with your close family and friends to celebrate a landmark birthday party or celebration, your grandparents 60th wedding anniversary or a huge friends, work or family reunion.

With open fires and underfloor heating, you might be looking for a cosy and romantic autumn or winter celebration with swathes of velvet, deep berry coloured table dressing, candles, and roasting chestnuts over roaring fire bowls.

Whatever your plans, Wern-Y-Cwm offers you the open spaces for as much outdoor activity as you may wish for, but with the added peace of mind that whatever the weather, The Great Barn is as big as a huge marquee but with so much more splendour and character and without the set up fees.

Or your dream party may be in spring when the wildflower meadows are at their best. Maybe your perfect celebration holiday is in high summer, watching your friends have long lazy conversations in the shade, with games, croquet on the lawn and a traditional ice cream van along with cream teas?

Wern-Y-Cwm is a large furnished holiday let which is suitable for you to hire for your landmark celebration. We do not offer party packages but are very happy to help advise you on how to make your week or week-end celebration special. We do not have a wedding license, but the farm is ideal for celebrating your landmark event with your close friends and family, using The Great Barn as your stunning banqueting space.

Here are some ideas of how you could make the farm work for you:


You want to get your loved ones together, friends or colleagues together. You won’t be inviting the whole world. You rent the Farmhouse and if you need more space, add the Cottage in. You enjoy the party preparations with your close friends picking flowers from the hedgerows, dress the barn and cook the meals. Your special feast is in The Great Barn where you enjoy the rest of your evening in style, finishing off with dancing the night away in the disco den in the farmhouse. The next day you enjoy a long walk or lazy start, followed by a delicious Sunday lunch or BBQ on the terrace. Your party enjoys all the benefits of staying at Wern-Y-Cwm with you and helping you clear up afterwards.

Estimated cost:

The Hire of the Farmhouse, maybe the Cottage (min 3 nights or 4 on bank holiday weekends) plus the Barn (min 2 nights to dress and tidy up). Bring your own food and wine. Alternatively, we can recommend a caterer to suit your budget for this type of smaller more intimate party for you to book directly.

Potential numbers:

Total of 30 with up to 23 people in the farmhouse (18 in beds + 5 z-beds), and a maximum of 7 in the cottage (6 in beds + 1 made up mattress). 


Invite all your friends and family, for a memorable weekend with street food style catering, fire pits, outdoor games and country walks. With closest friends and family staying in the farmhouse, and additional guests or support team in the cottage. Subject to planning and licensing regulations, further guests could stay in a temporary glamping village within easy reach of The Great Barn. Additional toilets and showers would need to be self-contained and hired by you in line with numbers.


Please note that we limit the number of larger parties we will host per annum out of respect to our neighbours’ quiet enjoyment and our planning restrictions. There is a strict music policy and we will be encouraging the use of silent discos.

Estimated cost:

The hire of the Farmhouse, Cottage, plus Barn for 3 or more nights.

Your own cost to hire of the yurts, showers and WCs, caterers, music, parking & site attendants.

Potential numbers:

Total of 80 with up to 23 people in the farmhouse (18 in beds + 5 z-beds), and a maximum of 7 in the cottage (6 in beds + 1 made up mattress) and 50 staying on the campsite (Yurts must be hired at your own cost.)  

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at some of the questions we get asked frequently. If there's anything else you need to know, just drop us an email!

Yes, if you hire the farmhouse and the cottage, you may hire The Great Barn for two nights or more if you are opting for a self-managed celebration and need to decorate and tidy up.

No, we don’t have a licence.  We are a furnished holiday let with ancillary entertaining space in the barn.

No, we do not charge corkage. You may bring your own wine, but we request you take empties away too! Wern-Y-Cwm does not have an alcohol license, so if you decide to arrange a paid bar you will need to apply for a 'Temporary Event Notice' in your name. The property is permitted a limited number of these licenses per year, therefore please contact the booking manager before going ahead with these arrangements as may need to charge you a fee.

You are responsible for arranging your own caterers, but we prefer you use our recommended suppliers because they know the property and therefore do not need site visits or training in our systems and rules. We reserve the right to charge a 10% fee of your total catering bill to cover the wear and tear on the property if you wish to use your own caterers to cover these overheads.

For a celebration party, The Great Barn needs to be booked for a minimum of 2 nights , so you may access it the day before your party at 4pm and you will need to vacate The Great Barn by 10am the day after your party, unless you book an extra night. 

Out of consideration for our neighbours we are asking for all music to be turned off at 11pm. There is a disco den in the farmhouse which is suitable for an 'after party' for those staying in the farmhouse only. Here you may dance the night away if the music is kept inside with doors closed. 

Out of consideration for our neighbours we are asking for all music to be turned off at 11pm. In The Great Barn, we have room for a small 5-piece band, but they must be finished by 11pm and the doors must be closed. The barn is not fitted with speakers, if you wish to play music please bring these with you. Please be mindful of the decibels of the music, we have a limit of 95 decibels. Any extreme vibrations could cause the art to fall off the walls and will result in penalty charges for the hirer.


Sadly not, unless you have SILENT fireworks, with no plastic parts. Wern-Y-Cwm is set amongst fields of sheep and cattle, not to mention being dog friendly. Fireworks are not country friendly.

Yes, but  you would be responsible for making sure they are all extinguished safely. Please see the responsible adult agreement in the booking form. 

Yes, we have a stunning Honeymoon suite at the top of the Farmhouse, we call it the Peacock Loft.

Yes, including the Honeymoon suite, we have 10 bedrooms, all doubles or triples. We can sleep 23 people in the farmhouse (18 in beds + 5 z-beds), and a maximum of 7 in the cottage (6 in beds + 1 made up mattress) and 50 staying on the campsite (Yurts must be hired at your own cost). 

Yes, we have many friends in the area with amazing holiday lets, from gypsy caravans, to cottages, to local hotels. Wern-Y-Cwm is a large furnished holiday let and to comply with our planning consent the vast majority of guests must stay on site.

We are happy to offer viewings of the venue, but since we are generally booked up we would like to keep all viewings to the first Friday of every month from 8am to 2pm. Bookings are strictly by appointment please.

Yes, we permit up to 4 well behaved, regular sized dogs at the property. They should be kept in the farmhouse kitchen where there is a dog pen in situ. There is an additional charge for dogs.

You must arrange all of your suppliers. We have some amazing local caterers, photographers and florists that we would thoroughly recommend.  We reserve the right to charge a 10% fee for each outside supplier used  to cover the wear and tear of the property.

We supply tables and chairs for 82 people in the barn using our rustic wooden furniture. The rental cost is included in the booking.  Any additional furniture requirements will need to be sourced from an outside supplier.

The main car park can fit 30 cars if VERY carefully parked close to each other. However, this requires someone to be a parking attendant and follow our parking plan as the spaces are not marked out (in view of wishing to keep the rural nature of the farm and not make it look municipal). We recommend your guests ‘carpool’ together to try and save car park spaces. When arranging your outside suppliers, suggest they arrive in minibuses or again ‘carpool’ together.  There is a maximum of 4 car parking spaces for suppliers at the rear of the barn. There is a limited amount of space on the camping field for your guests who are camping.

The Farmhouse, Cottage and their gardens are only for residents of those properties, in line with the Health and Safety rules. The camping guests are welcome on the camping field and use of the barn if it has been booked. Toilets and shower facilities will need to be rented for guests staying in the camping field.

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